Friday, June 4, 2010

County count progress

Since several people have asked me: this last trip to Cincinnati and DC got me to 119 new counties. I've now been to almost exactly 2/3 of all the counties in the country -- the easy ones, you might say. I've been to 2,065 of the 3,097 U.S. counties -- 66.7% and change.  There are still four states I haven't been in at all: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon. I'll be going to Washington & Oregon later this year.

I've been to all the counties in 9 states now: Maryland was finished up on this trip with a drive down the Eastern Shore (plus a side-trip the day before to Kent county, just so I could take advantage of a nice day and not have to make a detour the next day), and it joins Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and Nevada in the "been there, done that" column.

Ain't that exciting.

Later this summer I'll get some more of those borin' ol' counties in the Great Plains and then the Upper Midwest, when I deliver a stained-glass tryptich to Wisconsin; and then this year's last Big Trip, to Washington State, will get me to two new states and who knows how many new counties. Looking forward to that. Sort of.