Wednesday, August 17, 2016

County Count Synopsis

With the unfortunate but long-expected demise of my old Dell computer running Windows XP (which, I confess, I prefer to this Mac Airbook running OS-X), I can no longer access old WordPerfect documents ... like the document where I kept my list of states with a count of how many of their counties I have been to. Rather than recreating it in Apple's "Pages" format -- which I find tedious and unintuitive after 30 years of word processing -- I'll just put it here, where I can update it whenever.

So here goes:

States I've been to all the counties in:
as of August 2016
Mississippi (just finished this last trip)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York (also just finished)
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Vermont (also just finished)
West Virginia

States yet to finish (with number of counties remaining):
Alabama (1, of 67)
Alaska (there aren't any counties there; haven't decided how I'll count it when I eventually go)
California (6, of 58)
Colorado (2, of 64)
Florida (7, of 67)
Georgia (68, of 159; counties there are really small)
Idaho (10, of 44)
Illinois (14, of 102)
Indiana (9, 0f 92)
Iowa (43, of 99)
Kentucky (28, of 120)
Massachusetts (2, both islands; of 14 -- the only counties left to visit in New England)
Michigan (20, of 83)
Missouri (7, of 114)
Montana (20, of 56)
Nebraska (10, of 93)
North Carolina (4, of 100)
Ohio (6, of 88)
Oregon (12, of 36)
South Carolina (11, of 46)
Tennessee (15, of 95)
Utah (2, of 29)
Virginia (16, of 95, plus a few of the independent cities, which I haven't decided whether to count)
Washington (5, of 39)

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Trip Goes On: Montreal

So we've moved our base of operations to an interesting little motel in Laval, Quebec, right across the bridge from Montreal, where we've been spending the last few days. Pics from the time we've been here, covering the botanical garden, the bug house, the Oratory, the harbour and miscellaneous parts of town, are now up on the web. Click here to see 'em. We have one more day before N&J have to go back to Colorado, and S&I will be off to Niagara Falls, and then home.
Old Montreal

penzou, botanical garden

St Joseph Chapel altarpiece,
Oratory of St Joseph, Montreal

Friday, August 5, 2016

Oh, By the Way...

I hardly ever post restaurant reviews here anymore. Nowadays they're all on If you want to know what I think of a place (though I have to wonder why you would), you can find it at I hope.